Lawan warns Multichoice Nigeria to stay in action


Senate Speaker Ahmad Lawan has warned Multichoice Nigeria not to challenge Nigeria to raise tariffs on its products during the investigation.

He gave the warning in Abuja on Tuesday at the opening of a seven-member ad hoc Senate committee headed by Deputy Chief Whip, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, investigating the circumstances surrounding the proposed increase.

Lawan urged Pay-TV to maintain the tariff action.

“No increase. And that is, our country does not dare. No rate increase,” Lawan warned.

He warned that no foreign operator in the country should take Nigeria for granted.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that the committee was set up on Wednesday, March 30, in the context of a tariff increase announcement by pay-TV service provider, DSTV.

However, it was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, April 12.

Lawan said, “No operator should take us for granted. We are serious. We want you here. Nigeria still offers you the climate to do your business, but do not abuse the laws of our country.

“Our consumers here are innocent people and we are ready to protect them.

“When the legitimate interests of our people are threatened, we are supposed to ensure that we protect them.

“It is the practice of many companies, especially foreign companies, operating in Nigeria to treat Nigerian consumers of their products in a different manner which is not in line with global best practice.”

He urged committee members to approach the issue dispassionately with a very clear mind.

“The Consumer Protection Council and other government agencies and even non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations are expected to participate in this type of investigation.

“We need to know what functions are actually performed by these established government institutions in order to protect Nigerian consumers. What are their problems if they don’t do it right?

Earlier, the chairman of the committee, Senator Abdullahi, said that the investigation into the activities of pay-TV service providers was long overdue as their activities had, over time, severely defrauded Nigerians of their income. won.

“It is mind-boggling that just two years after a price increase by Multichoice, which was followed by an outcry from Nigerians, another unexpected increase is occurring without proper consultation with key stakeholders.

“This incessant rise in rates without recourse to the constituted authorities is a subject of great concern which calls for questioning.

“This investigation is an opportunity to correct errors and have these service providers operate within the bounds of the law that can be obtained outside the country’s shores,” he said.

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