The timed transition tariff for the Eurasia tunnel is advanced by one month

The timed transition tariff for the Eurasia tunnel is advanced by one month

In the Eurasia Tunnel, new tolls were calculated and finalized each year in January, and entered into force on February 1. A change has been made this year.

According to news from KRT’s Olcay Aydilek, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure met with ATAŞ AŞ, the operator of the Eurasia tunnel, and said that the increase in tolls on bridges and highways operated by the public sector or private was performed on January 1.

The ministry has called for the new Eurasia Tunnel tolls to come into effect on January 1. In this context, the one-way toll in the Eurasia Tunnel has been increased from 1 TL to 2022 TL for day cars, from 46 TL to 53 TL for minibuses, effective January 69 at 79.50. The charge applied is 50 TL for cars and 26.50 TL for minibuses, with a 39.75% discount on the night rate.

How are tolls calculated in the Eurasia Tunnel?

In the project in question, when calculating the tolls of the new year (for example, 2022), the inflation data of the previous year in the United States (in the United States, inflation 2021 was announced on Wednesday January 12 and registered at 7 percent), as well as the dollar rate, were also a basic parameter. .

This year, without waiting for the inflation of 2021 in the USA, a price increase has been made well below the toll formula. The difference between each vehicle pass will be paid to ATAŞ under the state guarantee.


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