Loans without payroll – Loans without supporting documents in 10 Minutes

There are times in life that you need a small amount of money to face an extra or unforeseen expense but if you do not have your salary registered, no traditional bank will approve it. Payroll credits is the possibility you have if you can not provide proof of income as a salaried employee.

With them you will get the money you need urgently because, in these cases going to the bank of a lifetime “is wasting time”, they will directly deny you the request.

A Credit without a Payroll is the perfect solution for the unemployed, housewives, self-employed , etc. They do not have a document that certifies that they earn money working as an employee.

Some entities do not provide so many facilities and although they will not ask you to present payroll, they will ask you to justify in some way that you have income with which to face the debt, such as a pension, unemployment benefit, etc.

What is the destiny of the credits without payroll?

The destiny of the money is of the most diverse, having in common all of them, which serve to face extra and unforeseen expenses.

These types of loans are requested for the washing machine, the fine of traffic or an expense that we had not planned. Some of these credits, have a double feature: you do not have to have payroll and you do not have to pay commissions or fees , they are called free mini credits , and they are special offers aimed at getting new customers.

They have the advantage that no one is going to ask you what you want the money for, that’s your thing, so you avoid uncomfortable questions, the only thing they are looking for is for you to return the money as agreed.

Who can ask for a loan without a payroll?

Who can ask for a loan without a payroll?

Despite the fact that some quick pay comparisons “try to sell you”, that no one is going to demand that you have payroll, most of the financial companies are going to require you to prove that you have the resources to face the debt.

Groups of people who have regular income but do not have a salary:

  • Pensioners
  • Unemployed
  • Autonomous
  • Revenue from property rental

Minimum requirements

Be of legal age and resident in Spain.

Be the holder of a current account and provide a mobile phone number.

Have the DNI in force at the time of the request.

Loan of 1000 euros without payroll Is it possible?

Loan of 1000 euros without payroll Is it possible?

The answer is yes, because the amounts that you are going to provide range from 50 euros to 1000 euros, with a return period of up to 30 days.

You must act responsibly, providing truthful information about your work situation and be aware that on the date indicated, you will have to face the payment of the debt.

A loan without a payroll suits me if …

  • If you have to pay the dentist’s bill or buy new glasses
  • If you have to change an appliance that has been damaged
  • If you have to pay the workshop invoice
  • To get to the end of the month
  • To pay a traffic ticket that has a discount for “prompt payment”
  • Make an urgent trip or any other expense that you did not count on.


  • Many lenders approve small loans without a payroll , although some of them will ask you to demonstrate in some way that you have the economic resources to face the debt.
  • No serious lender will ask you for money in advance. Only those who try to cheat .
  • Loans without online payroll are the only possibility of getting money on loan that you have, because no traditional bank will grant it, without that requirement.