80,000 Payday loan – what you should know

A payday loan of 80,000 for 10 years in a bank: cash, mortgage or consolidation? Depending on the purpose of the payday loan, we choose such a payday loan. A cash payday loan can be used for any purpose, a mortgage for the purchase of an apartment, and a consolidation payday loan for consolidating several payday loans and payday loans into one payday loan.

Cash payday loan or a cash payday loan

A cash payday loan or a cash payday loan is an expensive product and that is why the analysis of bank offers is so important. It does not make sense to choose a payday loan quickly, without cost comparison, because it will come to us to pay it out of our own money.

And how to do such an analysis? First of all, you should know what you want to allocate a given payday loan, and then read the proposals of banks. Below is a comparison of cash payday loans for 80,000. PLN with a lending period of 10 years. The remaining payday loans will check:

The comparison engine allows you to estimate the installment, and thus choose the best payday loan period, so that the payday loan installment is adjusted to the budget possibilities.

Cheap payday loan 80,000 for 10 years

Cheap payday loan 80,000 for 10 years

The basic rule of comparison of payday loans in terms of prices is to pay attention to the total cost and the payday loan rate. This allows you to create our internal payday loan ranking. And with the payday loan ranking created in such a way, it is possible to choose the most advantageous solution.

The cost of payday loan consists of many factors:

  • nominal interest rate,
  • commission,
  • additional costs, e.g. insurance,
  • system of installments,
  • date of payday loan payment,
  • date of payment of the first installment.

In addition, it should be remembered that the amount of payday loan also depends on our payday loanworthiness. The better we assess the payday loanworthiness and payday loanworthiness in the bank, we can count on a better payday loan offer.

Commission related to the payday loan

Very often we pay attention only to the interest rate on the payday loan. And what about the commission? The commission may be charged for granting the payday loan . And it is charged at the payment of payday loan or is subject to payday loan and is added to the installment. Such information can be found in the payday loan information form (eg that the total payday loan amount is PLN 80,000 excluding payday loaned costs).

A few years ago you could also meet with a commission for processing a payday loan application . It is paid by the customer before granting the decision on granting the payday loan. Currently, such a fee is not very popular, and if it is already charged, it usually applies to non-bank payday loans.

Sometimes we will meet a commission related to payday loan service and include fees that the bank collects during the duration of our payday loan agreement.

When consolidating debts, one should check whether the bank (in which we have the current liability) will charge a commission for its early repayment . This is important because it affects the cost of a new commitment.