Debt consolidation

Is it Worth Taking Out a Consolidation Loan?

The banks currently operating in our country offer a number of loans to their clients. Among them is a consolidation loan, which is reserved only for selected clients. What is popular consolidation? Is it worth it to decide on it? What benefits does it bring? The consolidation loan is directed to those who already have […]

Loan consolidation

35-year loan redemption (420 months)

  Why a 35-year credit redemption? The redemption of credit consists in gathering all its credits to form only one. The goal is to obtain a single monthly payment that would be lower and payable over the long term. This would allow some to breathe more financially, save some money, or fund a particular project. […]

Payday Consolidation Loan

Personal Loans from 5000 euro to pay small old debt

  Let’s find out everything you need to know about personal loans for an amount of 5,000 euros, offered to customers of the Italian Post Office. We will see the characteristics of the loans that take the name of Fostal Bank loans, with the interest rates applied and the monthly repayment installments. We can do […]